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Missouri Scholastic Flag Association (MSFA)  Fitness

Spring 2024
Apr 12 ’24
May 17 ’24

Missouri Scholastic Flag Association (MSFA)

Game Type: 7v7 with 15 Maximum on each team, Same rules as NAIA 

Field Dimensions: 40 Yards x 100 Yards (80-yard field and two 10-yard endzones) – Use full indoor field from bottom numbers to sideline ~40-yard width

Dates: April - 12, 19, 26*, May – 3*, 10, 17? (Reserved for Triathlon, Possibly Sat May 11 Tourney day?), * = Find alternate HS field for those nights (Must have lights)

Time: Friday Nights, 7-10 PM in the Indoor,

Price - $100 per person (includes flag belt)

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